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Wise Wheels car rental is an independent car hire company in Cape Town, and we treat each enquiry as a separate opportunity to assist our clients. We do not consider ourselves.


Car hire in Cape Town

The pricing on each car hire is different, just the same as each clients requirements. The cost of the vehicle hire is based on the following factors, and the pricing for car hire in Cape Town .


Car rental is easy

We offer four categories of rental cars which increase in price and specifications from Group A to Group C. Group A is comprised of the most basic and affordable cars, such as a Toyota Tazz


Hire a Car in Cape Town

South African roads are a pleasure to drive on, and the most popular mode of transport is in fact by car. Of course there are several other modes of transport.


Change Pricing

All the vehicles will have a standard excess. Additional insurance is available on most rentals, which will be detailed in the quote that we email you.


Car Rental Rates

Wise Wheels car rental offers competitive rates for your Cape Town car hire. Our quotes include mileage per day, theft and damage waiver, all VAT and taxes.


Save money

Wise Wheels car rental should be your first choice when coming to the Mother City. Take a look at the cost of car hire in Cape Town and get a s quote from us via email.


Wise Wheels sends you a quote with all the information required to work out the cost of your car hire. When the vehicle is delivered to you, we supply the vehicle with a full tank of petrol, and we fill it for your account once the rental is complete.

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Cheap car hire cape town

Taking the correct vehicle – back to “a cheap car to hire”, you should look at your requirements when you want to rent a car in Cape Town, or anywhere else. This would include power-steering – if you are not used to a non power-steering car, then take one with power-steering.


Beware of cheap car hire in Cape Town

There are several advantages of going to an independent car rental company in Cape Town – the prices are better, many of the costs involved with the larger companies such as airport and tourism levies and not charged, authorization on the credit card is lower, and several other factors.


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